Samba/Explorer Problems

Inge-Håvard Hunstad inge at
Tue Nov 21 08:31:14 GMT 2000

Buchan Milne wrote:
> There doesn't by any chance happen to be a registry entry controlling
> this "use locally stored profile" message, does there? A number of users
> have large profiles, and sometimes end up with the message. User
> education seldom helps !

I got this from Martin Kuppinger(Samba-NTDOM mailing list):

I believe this one turns off the slow link connection:
---> CUT HERE <---

---> END CUT <---

[>]  It turns off the message displayed. There is another parameter
which you could use to set the time in milliseconds. Default is 2000,
in system policy is 20000, in registry i've read about 120.000


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