PDC cannot be found - different subnet

Robert M. Martel bob at meeker.urban.csuohio.edu
Mon Nov 20 22:08:02 GMT 2000

	Greetings all,
	have a lab of NT 4.0 machines on a different subnet from the smaba
server acting as PDC.  We rely on the university for WINS service.  My 
lab machines are unable to find the PDC for their domain now that they
are on a different subnet from the server.  The server is configured
to use WINS as are the NT 4.0 clients.

	It looks as if the samba server is NOT registering itself with the
WINS server.  An "nbtstat -a sambaserver" yields a result of name not found.
I can see entries for other NT servers, but not for *any* of our SAMBA

	What do I have to do to get SAMBA to register with the WINS server
so that the clients can find their PDC?

	The SAMBA servers are configured to use WINS, the PDC -acting
machine is also configured to be the domain master browser.

	The NT machines are configured via DHCP, but even when I plug numbers
into the settings by hand I get the same results.

	Samba *can* be the PDC for clients on another subnet, right?  What have
I missed?  Everything worked like a charm when everything was on the same 
subnet.   Why won't the Samba servers register themselves with the WINS

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