PDC cannot be found - different subnet

Christian Barth barth at cck.uni-kl.de
Tue Nov 21 07:24:19 GMT 2000


We habe a samba 2.0.7 PDC which can be accessed form remote subnets. 
To achive this we haven't tried to use our University-WINS, but set 
up the samba-Box as WINS whicht is staticly configured in all NT-
clients. Additionaly the NT-Clients have an 
%WINNT%\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts entry like:  fkb   #PRE #DOM:fkb57
but I don't know if this is nessesary. Futhermore we use the "remote 
anounce" Parameter of samba with the broadcast address of the remote 

Hope this helps,


> 	Greetings all,
> 	have a lab of NT 4.0 machines on a different subnet from the smaba
> server acting as PDC.  We rely on the university for WINS service.  My 
> lab machines are unable to find the PDC for their domain now that they
> are on a different subnet from the server.  The server is configured
> to use WINS as are the NT 4.0 clients.
> 	It looks as if the samba server is NOT registering itself with the
> WINS server.  An "nbtstat -a sambaserver" yields a result of name not found.
> I can see entries for other NT servers, but not for *any* of our SAMBA
> servers.
> 	What do I have to do to get SAMBA to register with the WINS server
> so that the clients can find their PDC?
> 	The SAMBA servers are configured to use WINS, the PDC -acting
> machine is also configured to be the domain master browser.
> 	The NT machines are configured via DHCP, but even when I plug numbers
> into the settings by hand I get the same results.
> 	Samba *can* be the PDC for clients on another subnet, right?  What have
> I missed?  Everything worked like a charm when everything was on the same 
> subnet.   Why won't the Samba servers register themselves with the WINS
> server?
> 	Thanks,
> 	Bob 
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