Problems accessing a previously working Samba system

yaya dyaya_2000 at
Sat Nov 18 02:58:06 GMT 2000

> From: Brian Boguhn <boguhn at>
> To: "'samba-ntdom at'" <samba-ntdom at>
> Subject: Problems accessing a previously working Samba system
> Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 08:32:43 -0800
> I had not checked Samba running on my system, <Unix_ws>, in a few weeks.
> When I went to access <Unix_ws> the other day, I was unable to via Windows
> Explorer; I got that familiar window where it prompts for a username and
> password, and keeps doing that no matter what is entered.
> As I had not accessed it in quite some time, the only thing I could figure
> was that it wasn't working because I had changed passwords on my
> domain account.  However, my username on <Unix_ws>, which is the same as
> domain username, had its password changed at the same time to the same
> thing.
> What I then did yesterday was to remove <Unix_ws> from <NT_domain>, and
> remove <NT_domain>.<Unix_ws>.mac, machine.sid, and smbpasswd from
> /usr/local/samba/private.  I then, after putting <Unix_ws> back into the
> domain via server manager, re-added <Unix_ws> using ./smbpasswd -j
> <NT_domain> -r <domain_ctlr> (same command I've used to add all systems
> configured with Samba to the domain) at its own console, as the
> say and as I have done before.  I did this several times yesterday, and
> time after I did it and rebooted <Unix_ws>, I got the same issue of being
> prompted for a username and password.
> Finally, I let it sit overnight.  This morning I went through the same
> of removing it from the domain, re-adding it, and then putting it in
> (successfully, I might add - no error messages) with smbpasswd.  When I
> to access it from Windows Explorer this morning, I get this:
> <Unix_ws> is not accessible.  The remote procedure call failed.
> I rebooted the system, and the error still occurs.
Did you set "security = domain"?
password server = NTPDC
workgroup = NTPDC_Domain
os level = 20

See the log file, some messages over there?


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