NT logon's for Win PC's

Shaun Lipscombe shaun.lipscombe at gasops.co.uk
Fri Nov 17 10:49:11 GMT 2000


I have had this working since day one for 95/98 machines but I have
never thought much about this functionality for NT basically because
we only ever had NT servers that were independent (not domain model in
place).  However times changes and slowly the NT workstations have
been creeping onto the corporate desktop (resistance is futile etc).
Don't worry the backbone to the network is and always will be (for as
long as I have a say in it) linux considering we have never had ANY
network downtime (and our samba box was up for 2 years only going down
to install a cd-burner recently making the netware box it replaced
look silly - although linux IPX/SPX bridging worked nicely back in the
days!).  The question I here you ask?

Well I don't know an awful lot about NT (well I do actually but not
from a networking point of view) and so I was wondering how to get NT
workstations to logon to my samba box and have login scripts run.

I guess I *have* to setup a PDC?


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