NT logon's for Win PC's

Martial LEBEC lebec at im3.inserm.fr
Fri Nov 17 14:04:04 GMT 2000

Shaun Lipscombe a écrit :
> Folks,
> I have had this working since day one for 95/98 machines but I have
> never thought much about this functionality for NT basically because
> we only ever had NT servers that were independent (not domain model in
> place).  However times changes and slowly the NT workstations have
> been creeping onto the corporate desktop (resistance is futile etc).
> Don't worry the backbone to the network is and always will be (for as
> long as I have a say in it) linux considering we have never had ANY
> network downtime (and our samba box was up for 2 years only going down
> to install a cd-burner recently making the netware box it replaced
> look silly - although linux IPX/SPX bridging worked nicely back in the
> days!).  The question I here you ask?
> Well I don't know an awful lot about NT (well I do actually but not
> from a networking point of view) and so I was wondering how to get NT
> workstations to logon to my samba box and have login scripts run.
> I guess I *have* to setup a PDC?
> Shaun
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 Yes you have to setup a PDC. I think you will find all you want to knwo
bout PDC looking at the following links :
http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/samba/              -> Online Book !!


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