NIS/NT encrypted authentication

Anders C. Thorsen anders at
Mon Nov 13 11:59:23 GMT 2000

Samba will then authenticate against the smbpasswd (with user entiries in
your passwd file required.)

The update option does it so that next time you users change their samba
password, samba will attempt to update the password in NIS as well.

Again, the FAQs should have some info in this topic.


On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 03:23:37PM -0800, Chuck Glatt wrote:
> Thank you Anders for your answer.  It looks like you're instructing to 
> generate smbpasswd with "pwdump2 [lsass.exe pid] > smbpasswd" and copy that 
> smbpasswd to the Linux machine.  If we do this and have Samba update the 
> passwords, then can we automate NIS authentication encryption with Samba as 
> the NT Domain controller?
> Chuck
> -=-=
> At 04:48 PM 11/13/00 +0600, Anders C. Thorsen wrote:

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