rpc_parse Buffer overflow

Oliver Reiniger reiniger at sun03.promatis.de
Mon Nov 13 18:39:45 GMT 2000

Hi there

i have a SuSE 6.4 Server set up as PDC (Samba 2.0.6) and
Domain Logins are working fine. I have now added a NT Server
to the Domain which was ok too. But on this machine there is
an ORACLE product called "Express" running. This one need to
have some local users with special rights on NT like
"replace a Token on process level".

After I added this Server to the domain the Express service
won't start any more (Error 58). I've found out, that -
although the initialization-users a defined localy - this
server performs a RPC request to the PDC (Samba) which
results in a log error:
prs_grow: Buffer overflow - unable to expand buffer by 2

I've found out that switching the nmb-protocol to COREPLUS
this RPC-Lookup succeeds but then I'm not longer able to
mount my shares nor do I have a domain-login anymore.

How can get both of the Protocols work together or is there
any other workaround?


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