Jordi M jordi2242 at
Mon Nov 13 16:53:59 GMT 2000

Yes, it is, but it is not perfect. Check this:

>From: "Marcus Henschel" <marcus at>
>To: <samba-ntdom at>
>Subject: samba2.0.7
>Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 15:38:29 +0100
>hi all,
>i am using samba 2.0.7 on my hp9000 (hpux10.20) and i want this machine to
>work as a primary domain controller for my nt-workstations (winnt4.0 
>pack 5). Is it possible to use my running samba configuration to run samba
>as a pdc or do i need to install (via cvs) samba2.2 ?
>regards marcus
>Marcus Henschel		marcus [at]
>20357 Hamburg

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