Samba_2_2 and Win2K

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Wed Nov 8 16:26:22 GMT 2000

At 12:53 PM 11/10/00 -0800, Patrick Calkins wrote:
>Hello all,
>	I am having trouble joining a Win2K SPI client to a samba_2_2
>domain. I did apply the code patch to the srv_lsa.c file and re-compile, but
>the same problem still exists:
>When joining the Win2k client to the domain, it reports that it cannot find
>an account for the machine (which I have manually added to /etc/passwd &
>smbpasswd -a -m machine_name$). So it askes for an admin user, which I give
>it root, then it comes back with 'The procedure number is out of range'
>error. I thought the patch fixed this (??).

OK, what I have found is that with a simple smb.conf, there are no
problems, but as my smb.conf file gets more complex, problems like the one
you mention above occur.

This week I will start investigating when the problems occur, and then
maybe we can have a fix.

Also, the patch I supplied is a stop-gap. I have asked JF for more info on
this so I can apply a real fix.


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