Sharing profiles between NT4 and W2K on Samba 2.2

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Thu Nov 9 22:28:11 GMT 2000

At 07:11 AM 09/11/2000 -0500, Greg Dickie wrote:
>Uh ya, profiles do seem to get hosed once you login on a Win2K machine, mine
>now has these really fancy icons and a bunch of stuff no longer works the way
>it did. Good thing I don't really care about it that much. It's kind of what
>you'd expect though, the registry "trees" to change and all...

Sure, and if its only the pretty things, I don't really mind. But why
remove the 'Network' applet from the control panal ?

The key by the way is "HK_C_U\Control Panel\don't load", easy enough to
find and easy enough to reverse but you will need to do it every time you
go from W2K to NT. Better look at doing it in a policy...


>On 09-Nov-00 David Bannon wrote:
>> Hmm... This one might be a bit scary. I just noticed that if you have a
>> profile that was 'seen' by W2K, that is, you logged into a domain via W2K,
>> there is a problem when next you logon to a NT4ws.
>> The network icon disappears from the control panel !! Nothing more (that I
>> have found yet) but why on earth would that happen ?? Its not a permission
>> thing, if you where clever enough to make a short cut to the network icon
>> before playing with W2K you can run with it after.
>> I have been back and forwards a couple of times, there is no doubt that the
>> problem is coming in via the profile, what does anyone think ??
>> Does this mean that profiles may not be 'shareable' between NT and W2K ? If
>> it does this what other things will we find it doing....
>> I guess I'll have a look with regedit and try and see what its doing.
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