Sharing profiles between NT4 and W2K on Samba 2.2

Greg Dickie greg at
Thu Nov 9 12:11:00 GMT 2000

Uh ya, profiles do seem to get hosed once you login on a Win2K machine, mine
now has these really fancy icons and a bunch of stuff no longer works the way
it did. Good thing I don't really care about it that much. It's kind of what
you'd expect though, the registry "trees" to change and all...


On 09-Nov-00 David Bannon wrote:
> Hmm... This one might be a bit scary. I just noticed that if you have a
> profile that was 'seen' by W2K, that is, you logged into a domain via W2K,
> there is a problem when next you logon to a NT4ws.
> The network icon disappears from the control panel !! Nothing more (that I
> have found yet) but why on earth would that happen ?? Its not a permission
> thing, if you where clever enough to make a short cut to the network icon
> before playing with W2K you can run with it after.
> I have been back and forwards a couple of times, there is no doubt that the
> problem is coming in via the profile, what does anyone think ??
> Does this mean that profiles may not be 'shareable' between NT and W2K ? If
> it does this what other things will we find it doing....
> I guess I'll have a look with regedit and try and see what its doing.
> David
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