Problem with samedit

Pragyansmita Paul pragyan at
Wed Nov 8 21:49:32 GMT 2000

> To make Win2K joined the Samba Domain, you must have Win2K Domain the same
> as Samba PDC-Domain.
> In Win2K, it's different between Workgroup and Domain, so set it to Domain
> Samba.
> You don't need to add Win2K box in smbpasswd, except in /etc/passwd.
> Set the Win2K Domain to Samba Domain, Win2K asking for the user has right to
> add Win2K box to the domain, just enter the 'root' and his password.
> You will get the message 'Welcome to TESTING [SAMBA-whatever] Domain.'
> Now you must restart Win2K and see in login menu the domain of Samba.
I did the above mentioned steps also, but it tells after I give it the
"root" and password (this means the root and password of the Linux machien
which has been configured as PDC, I hope?) that 
"The following error occured attempting to join the domain "TESTING":
The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials."
Now what could that be for?

> I got what you think is that Win2K acts the same as Win9x client when login
> to the domain.
> If that, you miss here.
> Win2K acts the same as WinNT when login to the Domain.
> It's must have the same domain [not workgroup] with the PDC Domain.
No we have been trying to set the domain as TESTING but it does not allow
us we are still in the same place?

> > Thanks..but since I wanted information on using Samba as PDC , I had
> > mailed there. From henceforth, I will use tng-users mailing list.
> >
> See you there.
Oh sure...I have become one major fan pf Samba...I feel it is one software
of its kind. Hats off to the Samba team.


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