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> > > Hello,
> Hello, thanks a lot for your help, but it still does not work.
> > > We have compiled and installed Samba TNG in one Linux machine as PDC.
> > > Though the Windows 2000 Professional client machines are able to see
> > > PDC, when we try to access the machine, it does not accept the login
> > > name and password. We assume it is because we have not updated the SAM
> > > Database. Will anybody tell us if it is a correct guess?
> > >
> > No, you just enter the username with
> > 'Your_TNG_Domain[TESTING]\username_of_your_TNG and the password with
> > 'his/your password'
> > What do you want really to do?
> > You want to make your Win2K to be a member of your TESTING domain, so
> > can login fron Win2K to your your TESTING domain?
> Yes, this is what we want to do, but even after creating user and
> machine account as given in the Samba TNG FAQ, werae not able to sue it to
> access the shares in the PDC.
To make Win2K joined the Samba Domain, you must have Win2K Domain the same
as Samba PDC-Domain.
In Win2K, it's different between Workgroup and Domain, so set it to Domain
You don't need to add Win2K box in smbpasswd, except in /etc/passwd.
Set the Win2K Domain to Samba Domain, Win2K asking for the user has right to
add Win2K box to the domain, just enter the 'root' and his password.
You will get the message 'Welcome to TESTING [SAMBA-whatever] Domain.'
Now you must restart Win2K and see in login menu the domain of Samba.

> > What kind of user is test? The user account (common user) or the machine
> > trust account?
> > But anyway, you must add the username in the /etc/passwd (RH).
> > If still failed, perhaps you must do rpcclient for the LSA query,
> > 'rpcclient -S [your_PDC_name] -U % -c 'lsaq'
> Test is a username and it is present in both smbpasswd and etc/passwd.
> But still we are not able to use it to access the PDC using it in the Win
> 2K client. Whereas on the PDC, we can access the shares without nay
> problem using smbclient. We are still not sure why this is happening?
I got what you think is that Win2K acts the same as Win9x client when login
to the domain.
If that, you miss here.
Win2K acts the same as WinNT when login to the Domain.
It's must have the same domain [not workgroup] with the PDC Domain.

> > btw, I got this message from David when posting about Samba-TNG:
> > -----
> > Hi, as this is a samba-tng question, you might do better sending it to
> > samba-tng lists. Have a look at
> >
> > David
> > -----
> Thanks..but since I wanted information on using Samba as PDC , I had
> mailed there. From henceforth, I will use tng-users mailing list.
See you there.

> Cheers,
> Pragyan


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