Linux as a client on a NT domain.

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Subject: Linux as a client on a NT domain.

> I seem to be having a small problem any help would be appreciated :-)
> I'm running RedHat 6.1 and Samba 2.0.7
> I can register my machine on the domain, this being shown by my machine
> appearing in the network neighbourhood.
> So far so good..
> I cannot, however, seem to allow other machines to view or use my
> shares.  When they double click on my machine in the network
> neighbourhood they are asked for a profile and password.  No
> profile/password combination seems to work :-(

You don't specify which version of Windows you are running so I will assume
Win9x as a starting place.  for starters I'm not sure that samba can
authenticate a user to a share that it does not know about.  i.e. I think
you need to create a share in your smb.conf for the directories you are
sharing from your Win9x machine.  You would then need to smbmount them prior
to starting samba.  Now the share will be presented to the user upon either
logging into the domain [via a mapped drive set through a logon.bat] (you
didn't indicate whether you were using domain logons or not) or when they
click on your Win9x machine they will see the share.

Gurus - correct me here If I am wrong... :)

> Other worrying issues I have noticed :-
>     My machine is only registered with the DNS when it joins the
> domain.
>     testparm reports Error in 'security=domain' mode the 'encrypt
> passwords' must also be set to true.  I seem unable to do this?
> Setting it to yes or true still gives the same error in testparm.
Security=Domain should only be used when samba is part of a domain where
another domain controller is providing authentication.

You should be using Security = server or security=user.  Also, unless you
apply the registry hack to your WinNT and Win 9x machines, you will have to
use encrypted passwords.

I don't know much about DNS so I can't help you with that....

Provide a little more information so others more knowledgeable than I on the
list can help you.



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