Linux as a client on a NT domain.

Alistair Moir alistair_moir at
Wed Nov 8 01:17:30 GMT 2000

I seem to be having a small problem any help would be appreciated :-)

I'm running RedHat 6.1 and Samba 2.0.7

I can register my machine on the domain, this being shown by my machine
appearing in the network neighbourhood.

So far so good..

I cannot, however, seem to allow other machines to view or use my
shares.  When they double click on my machine in the network
neighbourhood they are asked for a profile and password.  No
profile/password combination seems to work :-(

Other worrying issues I have noticed :-

    My machine is only registered with the DNS when it joins the

    testparm reports Error in 'security=domain' mode the 'encrypt
passwords' must also be set to true.  I seem unable to do this? 
Setting it to yes or true still gives the same error in testparm.

    Uncommenting the 'Domain controller' line in smb.conf results in
smbd & smbn giving errors on startup?

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