Problem with samedit

Pragyansmita Paul pragyan at
Tue Nov 7 20:43:42 GMT 2000


We have compiled and installed Samba TNG in one Linux machine as PDC.
Though the Windows 2000 Professional client machines are able to see the
PDC, when we try to access the machine, it does not accept the login
name and password. We assume it is because we have not updated the SAM
Database. Will anybody tell us if it is a correct guess?

Now when we try to update the SAM Database using the following commands,
we get the following response. Will somebody please help us?

[root at xyz] /usr/local/samba/man/man8# samedit -S . -U root%abc 
added interface ip=a.b.c.d  bcast=a.b.c.255 nmask=
[root at .]$ createuser test TESTING -p abc
createuser test TESTING -p abc
SAM Create Domain User
Domain: TESTING Name: test ACB: [U          ]
Create Domain User: FAILED

Thanks in advance,

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