Swat with Samba-TNG Fails?

Larry James ljames at hera.apollo3.com
Mon Nov 6 03:08:35 GMT 2000

> Samba TNG and SWAT are not working.
> Cu

     Thanks, Lars.  Sorry to have been such a pest about it.  I didn't
know that.  I had studied the docs and faq's for weeks before finally
posting the question.  I was becoming almost obsessed with trying to
find what I was missing.
     By the way, I guest it's you that had provided the smb.conf file
that I'm using.  It had me thrown for a loop for a while.  The only way
my sharing would work was to us "lars" as the workgroup name for a
     This Windows NT networking seems to be quiet complicated at times.
I figured out how to setup Novel Networking in one day when I really
didn't know anything about networking.  I was surprised that people were
paying thousands of dollars for certification when it seemed so easy.  I
know there are a lot of management and security details that is
important that I soon learned.  But just getting up a private and
friendly network to share resources (drives and printers) were quiet cut
and dry.
     There's a chance something might soon click with this environment
also.  For instance I believe I'm just learning that most of my problems
were coming from the fact that my client machines were not logged into
the network.  It seems that with Windows 98 you have to log into the
network by setting the option in the network properties for the domain
name under the network client.  This seems to be an important key to
attaching to the network.  Some of my machines had, had this switch and
some of them didn't.  I didn't know that there was a way to log into the
domain except to set a check in the box for the domain log-ons.  I didn't
want that because I didn't want Windows to pause every time it's booted
up.  I wanted the machine to go directly to the task they are set for,
for instance one is set to do fax services, which is locked out if the
machine is rebooted and a person doesn't know the domain name password.
     Another key I'm just learning is, it seems that they need to be of
the same workgroup also.

     Now I have a question for the group.  Is there some sequence or
procedure that can provide for Windows 98 to joining the domain name for
access later, when the Windows 98 user is different, as well as the
windows machine belonging to a different workgroup?  From my reading
there seems to be some applications in WindowsNT that allows a person to
run some executables to join the domain.  In Novel you have the option
of right clicking on the Server and you get a login menu option.
     The purpose is that there are utilities on the Samba servers that I
would like to make accessible for certain maintenance people, but for the
Windows 98 stations to in general have a certain restricted access for
the task they are setup for.
     I hope I'm not including to much details to blur the objective.  At
the same time I hope I'm including enough to be clear.
     Thanks in advance for any input.
				-- L. James

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