Honouring eXecute permissions on NT?

Martin Radford martin at zamenhof.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 20:04:28 GMT 2000

> > We don't have this option. The network shares are for personal file storage.
> > The idea is to prevent students from executing programs they download and
> > store on the network. I'm aware that removing R permissions will work where
> > required, but it won't work in this situation. It works fine with NT, and I'm
> > hoping to get the same function with Samba if possible.
> I believe what you are looking for is the extended NT ACL support,
> which is only available on certain OSes that support ACLs.
> If you are running Samba on Linux, your options may be limited,
> as the current stable Linux kernels do not support ACLs.  There
> are, however, some patches that may work for you.  Of course, other
> OSes may have varying levels of ACL support.

I'd prefer there to be a Samba option to deny execute access to files
as a per-share setting, without the necessity of needing ACL support
in the OS.  I'm in the same situation of wanting to disallow execute
access for a server for student labs.  For me, it doesn't need to be
any more granular than that.  

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