Ivy ivy at icebergmedia.com
Thu Nov 2 17:59:07 GMT 2000

By many efforts, I can add users and trust accounts into my smbpasswd file
now.  I can also use domain login from my w2k and access shares. Here comes
my question: when I don't user domain login (w2k has the same workgroup as
samba server), I can't access the share after I give a username and passwd
in smbpasswd file, and it showed username and passwd error. Is it normal, or
w2k must be a member of domain to access samba server?

Before when I use samba2.0.6, I can access samba server from NT to be a
member of domain or a member of workgroup.



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Ivy wrote:
> [root.$]createuser machine1$ MYDOMIAN
> SAM Create Domain User
> Domain MYDOMIAN name: machine1$ ACB: [w  ]
> 1st session setup ok
> 2nd session setup ok
> Create Domain User ok
> Join machine1 to Domain MYDOMIAN

Ok, when you did this part did you have a local unix account for
machine1$ ?

I use NIS centrally, so my test tng server adopted all the machine
accounts from my 2.0.7 server. All I had to do was add the actual trust
accounts in samedit.


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