nt workstation in multiple domains

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Sat May 27 21:26:28 GMT 2000

Hey All,

> Two answers:
> 1.  No it's not possible.  Simply put a workstation can only be in one domain.
> 2.  Now, a workstation does not even need to be in the domain to have access to
> resources.  It only needs to get a login token with that domain.  95/98 don't
> allow you to connect to another domain unless the userids are sync'd (because if
> you try it will prompt for a password but not ask for a userid).  Now with NTWS
> you can do the following:

Bill I think that you are wrong about this. From memory we used to have 2
domain which on the logon screen the user could select the domain to which
they wanted to logon to. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I will also go
back thru our old setup stuff and see if I can find out how we were doing

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