nt workstation in multiple domains

Bill Brandt brandtwr-samba at draaw.net
Sat May 27 20:51:19 GMT 2000

>is it possible to have two different samba servers on separate domains
>and have an nt workstation be a member of both. 
>so a user is presented with a login screen and chooses which domain to
>login to and they, if authenticated, get the services from that samba
>server and other services from another?
>so I guess the question is more about Nt than samba but is this possible
>and is anyone doing it?

Two answers:

1.  No it's not possible.  Simply put a workstation can only be in one domain.
2.  Now, a workstation does not even need to be in the domain to have access to
resources.  It only needs to get a login token with that domain.  95/98 don't
allow you to connect to another domain unless the userids are sync'd (because if
you try it will prompt for a password but not ask for a userid).  Now with NTWS
you can do the following:

* login to the workstation or one of the domains (if your not physically at that
site though, it will say it can't find a domain controller).  

* NTWS will cache that userid/passwd combo.  If you try to connect to a PDC or
BDC, it will use those credentials with your domain first.  The PDC or BDC will
say, sorry I don't know you.  Your workstation then says, try
userid/passwd/yourdomain to the domain controller.  If that userid and password
is sync'd it will login without asking.  Otherwise, it will prompt you.  

* If it prompts you, you can type: 
Connect as:  domain\user
Password:    password

* If the server you are connecting to first is a resource server, it's a bit
more complex because the failure will cause you machine to say, try
userid/passwd/yourserveraccountlist.  Unless you have a machine account on that
resource server it will fail and prompt you.  In that case, just do as above.
Once you've entered the password once there, it will work.

I prefer on a workstation to copy the local Administrator's account to a an
account named after my domain accounts, keep all the domain accounts the same
userid.  I log in as my copy of the local Admin account.  This means I don't get
a no domain server message and then as long as I hit a domain controller first
before any resource servers, I'm okay.  If not, I just have to deal with the
dialog box once.


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