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Kevin Chan yoshers at
Fri May 26 19:07:04 GMT 2000

FYI:  I am running Samba 2.0.6 as a PDC for NT 4.0 SP6 workstations.

I have been cleaning up the lack of uniformity on my samba server and came 
upon an odd occurrence in the smbpasswd file.  The last two fields of each 
entry are supposedly for Account Flags and Last Change Time.

I have been using a PERL script to add users that I have written, which uses 
the smbpasswd command and it creates the entry perfectly.  However, there 
are some entries from a previous administrator which look like this:

username:uid:correct hash:correct hash:Full Name, misc 

The old administrator told me that he used the pwdump utility to convert the 
old password format to the present Samba format.

Although there have been no problems with the users, I would like them to 
look the same, so is there some specific way that I should uniform them?  Do 
I have to do it manually?  Could there be problems if I don't change the 
incorrect format?  I think these are the main questions.

Thanks a lot for taken a look at this somewhat silly question.

Systems Administrator
Administrative Computing.

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