OT: Mail servers / Exchange (was TNG PDC & NT BDC)

Ian Jamison IJamison at iss-dsp.com
Sat May 20 16:38:26 GMT 2000


The thread was sort of straying from the original post. This is all
totally unrelated to NTDOM and should probably be elsewhere (or

The corporate calendar one of the few remaining big problems in the
whole NT/Unix integration bundle. Our setup here is Samba (2.0.7 and
TNG) for PDC/Files, HP JetDirect for printing and standard sendmail with
U.Washington's Pop3d/Imapd for mail. We also use eXceed for all those
good X thingies.

We'd been evaluating Nutscrape (oops Netscape :-) Calendar, but had to
switch to Outlook when some of our users required hotsync to Psion
handhelds (NS Calendar hotsyncs with Palms OK, but not Psions).

I'd been avoiding having an NT Server box, but Exchange's requirement to
run on NT Server, coupled with our requirement to use Outlook for group
scheduling meant I had to cave. Ho hum. So far we've only tried it out
on a couple of users - against a trial TNG domain, not in a real use
environment, but it appeared to work OK.

Anyone done a real evaluation of HP's Openmail? This might be an
alternative to Exchange, but I've no real idea whether it's complete

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