Mail servers / Exchange (was TNG PDC & NT BDC)

Vern H. Gill vgill at
Sun May 21 00:35:19 GMT 2000

This thread was far from off topic. It is completely related to the list in
the matter of will NT work as BDC with TNG PDC. Please refrain from handing
out your personal opinion on what is or is not relative/off-topic. If you
have information relating to using NT as a BDC with a TNG PDC, then please
share that info. That is all that the question was asking. The matter of
Exchange or equivalents was a lead in to the situation requiring the asking
of the NT-BDC/TNG-PDC question. You state that you caved in to using
Exchange in a trial domain, but fail to stat whether this is a TNG PDC
controlled domain with NT as a BDC. That kind of info would be useful. In
the future, please attempt to sift through ALL of the data in the posting to
find what the user is asking for before informing us of the relativity to
the list. Thank you.

Vern H. Gill

The thread was sort of straying from the original post. This is all
totally unrelated to NTDOM and should probably be elsewhere (or

I'd been avoiding having an NT Server box, but Exchange's requirement to
run on NT Server, coupled with our requirement to use Outlook for group
scheduling meant I had to cave. Ho hum. So far we've only tried it out
on a couple of users - against a trial TNG domain, not in a real use
environment, but it appeared to work OK.

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