[Annoucement] Imprints Project

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Thu May 18 18:52:33 GMT 2000

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With the upcoming release of Samba's support for Windows 
NT clients' "Point and Print" feature, the Imprints Project 
is an effort to simplify the packaging, retrieval, and 
installation of the necessary print drivers files needed 
by a Samba host.

Imprints stands for 

	(m)anager of
	(p)rinter driver
	(r)etrieval for

The following goals have initially been laid out:

  * develop a tool set which can be used to create, 
    distribute, and install the printer drivers files
    needed by Samba to support automatic driver downloads
    for Windows 9x and Windows NT clients

  * design and implement a central database/directory
    which can be queried to locate the most current set of
    Windows 95/98/NT printer drivers needed by clients.
    (note that the population of this database is another 
    matter entirely).

  * document the entire process in order to provide Samba
    administrators with the resources necessary to take 
    advantage of this system.

Currently these three goals are in the planning stages.

I would like to invite all who would like to participate
in the newly planned Imprints Project to subscribe to the 
development mailing list at


The list archives can be found at


If you have questions, feel free to email me directly.

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