Not able to add to domain

Jens Skripczynski Skripi at
Fri May 12 21:07:05 GMT 2000

Patrick Li:
> Hello there,
> It was working fine with me before, but not now
> I am still using TNG-2.4
> My problem is when I tried to join the domain on my W2k
> first it ask me the windows username, so I put it in
> then it ask me the computer and domain, then I put that in
> lastly it ask me the username again, I put that in too
> but, what I got is unable to add to domain because you are using a machine account
> please use a general user a/c to do that
> Anyone got a clue on why is that?
*HMM* I got a bit mixed up.

Whom do you want to join to who's domain ? What is your setup.

I gues that you want an NT2000 WS to join an SAMBA controlled Domain.
Is that right ?

Is your error reproduceable. What do the log files tell ?
The information above leaves those out.

Please see:

SAMBA Bug report "How to"
SAMBA Bug report template

Also check out whether this issue was solved in newer samba-alpha tar's or
the current cvs. (current tar ball version is 2.5.3).


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