NT domainmember in mulltiple domains

Paul J Collins pjdc at eircom.net
Fri May 12 20:24:05 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Jens" == Jens Skripczynski <jens.skripczynski at igd.fhg.de> writes:

    Jens>    In our Lab we have one PC for checking which is included
    Jens>    into 5 network domains.

I was under the impression that the only time more than two domains
are listed in the "Domain" list on the logon screen is when the domain
your machine is currently a member of trusts other domains.  I don't
see how a machine could be a member of two unrelated domains and still
let you log on to both, since the only DOMAIN\Domain Users global
group in WKS\Users would be that belonging to the domain you most
recently joined.

I had a root around in the Knowledge Base trying to find info on this,
but no joy.

yours in curiosity,


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