NT domainmember in mulltiple domains

Jens Skripczynski jens.skripczynski at igd.fhg.de
Fri May 12 19:38:07 GMT 2000

Pieter Grimmerink:
> I know this is a problem Bill should solve, I don't think he already did,
> but does anyone know wether there's a way to make a laptop (running NT4 or
> 5) a member of multiple domains?
Solution 4 NT4.
Today I asked a NT friend about it. He said, that you just have to make the NT
Computer get an entry into the Domain, so you can log into the domain.
Everytime you want to log in, it will broadcast to check whether the PDC are 
This is how he told me to work things out for an NT4 WS.

1) Join the WS to the fist Domain you want to use. (Should not be a problem).

2) reboot (the usual stuff)

3) Again go to the network setup and change the Domainname to DOMAINNAME2.
   You may need an administrator account to add it automatically or do
   it manually on the PDC. Windows will ask you whether you want to leave the
   old Domain (ignore this and click "yes" or "ok" <- i don't know which
   button shows up) the reboot and everything should be fine. 
   3 "Domains" 1 local and 2 Network domains.
   In our Lab we have one PC for checking which is included into 5 network


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