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Peter Schmid schmid at
Fri May 12 14:35:49 GMT 2000

Hello All,

I have been having trouble setting up printing with TNG 2.5 on
my Sun Solaris 8 machine compiled with Sun's compiler. I 
have followed the instructions given by Jean Francois Micouleau  
in a previous post.  I have the print$ and the W32X86 directory
setup with 755 perms etc....  I redone the installation 3 times
so I don't think it's user error:)... but of course I could be wrong.

>From my NT4 SP3 machine I click on the server, Printers, Add printer.
I install a Postscript printer driver for my ghostscript driven
printer attached to my Samba Server.  The driver gets installed
but when it tried to print the test pages I get an error:
"Test page failed to printer......
The remote procedure call failed.

I have spools running with -d100.  I don't know what output anyone
would like to help debug this.  There is tons of info!  I don't really
want to send via this list the contents of this file.



Peter Schmid
Sr. Programmer/Analyst SUNY at Albany 
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
E-Mail:schmid at

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