There are still login problems

Rich Webb ntdom at
Fri May 12 15:00:53 GMT 2000

> Some days ago 3 or 4 people posted a email, that they can't
> login corectly.
> After login you get a message that win nt can't load the
> profile, and in
> smb.log you will see, that samba thinks that the supplied
> password is wrong.
> But the password is ok, you login using smbclient. This problems still
> exists. If no one will fix it, samba tng is not useable, and
> no serious
> testing can be done!
> Have some other people this problem too?

I am having a similar problem.  I am using a terminal server to join the
domain and that works fine, and if I logon immediately following the join,
that too works.  If I leave the machine alone for a couple of minutes and go
back to log in again, it says that it's logging on using cached profile
information and that a domain controller could not be contacted.

windows 95 works fine to log in using the domain tho.

I am using the information on the site.


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