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Jens Skripczynski Skripi at
Tue May 9 17:07:28 GMT 2000

Paul J Collins:
> Er, when Luke gets tired of breaking it?  ;-)

I think saying Luke is breaking it is not fair.
1) There is the merge going on from MAIN to TNG, so that the smbd becomes
   as stable as in Main and serves files as good as MAIN does. I remember
   TNG in January, when it was almost impossible to use TNG as Fileserver 
   for W95.
2) TNG ist still alpha:
   - code is _not_ to be concidered for working environments
   - like in the 2.(2k+1) Kernels features may be added and taken away,
     and it is not said, that it will compile.

In my opinion the current stage is a stage one can live with. It seem to me,
that in this last 5 month there have been some major break through's on
reengeneering (?) the SMB protocol. And i would like to see a few more
features to be added. Because after alpha comes beta (usually) and in this
stage there will be a feature freeze.
By the many merges that have been done in the last 2 month i would think 
it takes at least 3 month for this code to become stable again. (all features
on NT and win95 working ...).
So the more features there are in the code will be in the beta test and
imediatly useable after the final release by the rest of the world
(and of course not a final release by M$ but hopefully as stable as some
OS SP3... in the first release !).

I know there are many people waiting for a simulated M$ PDC. Even many
productive Environments. But reports on this list show that some snapshots
can even be used as some kind of beta version.


Jens Skripczynski
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