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Paul J Collins pjdc at
Mon May 8 21:33:26 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Hayden" == Hayden Wimmer <hwimmer at> writes:

    Hayden> i have a domain and an nt server in the domain.  how can i
    Hayden> administer that nt box w/o logging on as administrator of
    Hayden> that box, i set up a useraccount on the domain
    Hayden> administrator but i cant perform admin functions.  i know
    Hayden> i am doing something dumb...

Normally adding a domain user account to the group Domain Admins is
sufficient.  You may want to check the settings for the user right
"Log on locally"; I don't recall what the defaults for NT server are.
Make sure also that DOMAIN\Domain Admins is in the
NTSERVER\Administrators local group on the server in question.  It is
by default, but perhaps it was changed by one of your admins.

    Hayden> also, when is nt server domain support going to be
    Hayden> oficially released???

Er, when Luke gets tired of breaking it?  ;-)


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