Multiple boot PCs

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Tue May 9 12:47:02 GMT 2000

Janet Dickson wrote:
> Hi
>         I have  2.0.5a as a production server (Win9x machines) and a TNG-alpha
> server set up from cvs on May 1st.
>         I have a multiple boot PC (Win98/WinNT/Win2k). I can logon to the
> sambaTNG domain from Win98 and Win2000 so the server is working OK.
> However, when I try to logon to the sambaTNG domain from WinNT it says
> 'The domain controller for this domain cannot be located'.
>         I have an earlier NTdomain server (2.1.0-prealpha) that has been up and
> running for some time now. I have another WinNT PC which logs into this
> domain, but when I try and change it to sambaTNG it also says 'The
> domain controller for this domain cannot be located'.  The machine
> accounts have been set up on both Samba servers.

Do the WinNT and Win2k sistems have the same workstation name on the
same PC?
Remember that also Workstation accounts are treatened as users in
WinDomains so if you use the same wks names only one of the systems have
the correct passowrd for the workstation account!

>         One further question - can I mount the private, profile and netlogon
> directories via NIS or would this cause any problems ?
if you mean NFS I suggest to not export the private files unless your
trust really much your users

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