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Tue May 9 12:31:45 GMT 2000

most certainly do NOT sent the private/smbpasswd contents over a network,
it contans clear-text-equivalent password hashes.

unless you have no concern for security at your site.

On Tue, 9 May 2000, Janet Dickson wrote:

> Hi
> 	I have  2.0.5a as a production server (Win9x machines) and a TNG-alpha
> server set up from cvs on May 1st.
> 	I have a multiple boot PC (Win98/WinNT/Win2k). I can logon to the
> sambaTNG domain from Win98 and Win2000 so the server is working OK.
> However, when I try to logon to the sambaTNG domain from WinNT it says
> 'The domain controller for this domain cannot be located'.  
> 	I have an earlier NTdomain server (2.1.0-prealpha) that has been up and
> running for some time now. I have another WinNT PC which logs into this
> domain, but when I try and change it to sambaTNG it also says 'The
> domain controller for this domain cannot be located'.  The machine
> accounts have been set up on both Samba servers.
> 	One further question - can I mount the private, profile and netlogon
> directories via NIS or would this cause any problems ?
> 	Janet
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