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Mon May 1 03:09:01 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael H Warfield <mhw at> writes:

    Michael> 	Actually....  Things do seem to go steadily down hill
    Michael> after the first one.  One of those slippery slope
    Michael> thingies.  Trouble is that after you lay in a thousand
    Michael> users or so and add a decent amount of E-Mail traffic on
    Michael> top of that, one server ain't gonna cut it.  Of course,
    Michael> with multiple servers you get a law of diminishing
    Michael> returns.  At what point does the demand on the network
    Michael> from synchronization of multiple exchange servers exceed
    Michael> the random acts of terrorism resulting from overloading
    Michael> one.  I think the answer is "two".  :-)

What precisely is being synchronised between all the Exchange servers
in the site?  Don't they each hold a distinct subset of the mailboxes?

And on the subject of Exchange limits, I was talking to one of our
server administrators, and he told me that there is a limit of 300
simultaneous MAPI connections per Exchange server.  This came up in
the context of some server-side virus scanning product that apparently
does terrible things to the information store.


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