Samba 2.0.7 as pdc and about 40 clients Win95/98 ? 2nd request

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Jun 26 15:45:22 GMT 2000

> Klaus Zieger wrote:
> Has anybody experience with Samba (2.0.7.) set up on a fast server (2
> CPU's and 512 MB RAM, 100Mbit/s network) as primary domain controller
> for Win9x clients. Is the performance still acceptable if there are
> about 45 clients (45 PC's and a maximum of 90 users, on the average
> there are about 30 logons but there frequent logoffs and logons
> simultaneously) ?
> I would be most grateful if anybody could send me an example of his
> smb.conf file.
> So far I have managed successfully to build up a small network with 3
> clients (1 Samba PDC, 3 Win9x clients) and it works just fine. I'm
> battlehardenend as far as WIN NT4.0 is concerned and can take quite
> some frustration - as you can probably imagine !!
> A Linux-Newcomer
> Klaus Zieger / Nuremberg in Germany
> k.zieger at

I've run 2.0.6 of a Sun E3000 (4x250Mhz) with 1.5Gb RAM.  Included
5 100Mb ports and 250Gb of disk space.  Number of clients supports 
was ~700.  

What more information do you need regarding smb.conf?  Mine was 
fairly intricate and hand crafted so it would probably
not be a good example.

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