Using NT 4.0 WKS and Novell Client

Darren Hammond darren at
Fri Jun 23 22:42:53 GMT 2000

This explains why when I try to log a NT4 Terminal Server in to the
domain it kicks me straight back out, no errors or nothing on a terminal.
I tried a workstation and got the blue screen. Both had Novell Client
4.7.1 on them.

It worked fine after I reloaded NT on the workstation, but then I forgot
to reload the Novell client in my hurry to try it out.

I think using the MS Novell client will give far more problems than it
solves. Maybe the time has come for me to go to TNG.


Paul J Collins wrote:

> >>>>> "Ondrej" == Ondrej Hanak <hanak at> writes:
>     Ondrej> To solve this problem, uninstall novell client and use one
>     Ondrej> from M$. Or don't use NOVELL:)
> Microsoft's Novell client is horrible.
> Paul.
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