NT Profiles not being copied back to PDC

Jason Bachman jabachman at hiestandsupply.com
Fri Jun 23 13:13:43 GMT 2000


1.  Check that your permissions haven't changed on the Samba box.  That gets
me every time.

2.  If you tell NT to use the locally stored profile, it will not save it
back to the PDC on logout. (this has been my experience).  When it asks if
you want to use the locally stored profile, select NO.  That will force the
NT box to re-download the profile from the PDC.

3.  You may want to use POLEDIT and change the NT machine so that it does
not save the profile locally after logout.  Basically the NT machine will
download the profile from the PDC at logon,  and delete the local copy after
uploading to the PDC at logoff.

There are some VERY helpful documents on Microsoft's support website that
explain how the whole profile thing works and how to control it.  They also
have some references to Samba, although they give no direct help for Samba

Good Luck!

Jason Bachman
Director of Information Systems
Hiestand Supply Company
jabachman at hiestandsupply.com

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Hi --

I'm using Samba 2.0.6 as PDC on my home lan.  I'm
using it mainly to keep profiles backed up on the
linux box.

I recently added another NT (SP6a) box to the lan and
while it sees my domain and other machines in it, the
profile-backing-up part seems broken.  When I log in,
it notices that the local profile is newer than the
one on samba, but it never copies it back when I log

I don't believe I did anything different with my other
machines.. I did apply service pack 6a right after I
installed, so could that be it.

Any hints on how to debug this?  Should I upgrade to


Ranjan Bagchi

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