NT Profiles not being copied back to PDC

Elrond elrond at samba.org
Fri Jun 23 16:31:05 GMT 2000

What also could have happened:

The time on your new nt-box is not set correctly. nt checks
times to see, wether it may update/download stuff...


On Fri, Jun 23, 2000 at 11:20:49PM +1000, Jason Bachman wrote:
> Ranjan,
> 1.  Check that your permissions haven't changed on the Samba box.  That gets
> me every time.
> 2.  If you tell NT to use the locally stored profile, it will not save it
> back to the PDC on logout. (this has been my experience).  When it asks if
> you want to use the locally stored profile, select NO.  That will force the
> NT box to re-download the profile from the PDC.
> 3.  You may want to use POLEDIT and change the NT machine so that it does
> not save the profile locally after logout.  Basically the NT machine will
> download the profile from the PDC at logon,  and delete the local copy after
> uploading to the PDC at logoff.
> There are some VERY helpful documents on Microsoft's support website that
> explain how the whole profile thing works and how to control it.  They also
> have some references to Samba, although they give no direct help for Samba
> configurations.
> Good Luck!
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> Hi --
> I'm using Samba 2.0.6 as PDC on my home lan.  I'm
> using it mainly to keep profiles backed up on the
> linux box.
> I recently added another NT (SP6a) box to the lan and
> while it sees my domain and other machines in it, the
> profile-backing-up part seems broken.  When I log in,
> it notices that the local profile is newer than the
> one on samba, but it never copies it back when I log
> out.
> I don't believe I did anything different with my other
> machines.. I did apply service pack 6a right after I
> installed, so could that be it.
> Any hints on how to debug this?  Should I upgrade to
> 2.0.7?
> Thanks,
> Ranjan Bagchi
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