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David Stanaway dstanawa at
Thu Jun 22 22:57:58 GMT 2000

On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Matthew Geddes wrote:

> Peter Tredeau wrote:
> >  I have a Win NT domain will all W2K and NT 4.0 machines, along
> >  with  a Linux NIS environment. I would like to be able to have
> >  the Linux users change their passwords on the NIS master and the
> >  NT users use the NT environment. I would like to keep the passwords
> >  in sync. The PDC is on NT 4.0 server. Any idea how to do this ?
> Check out the unix password sync option in smb.conf man page.

I think that Peter wanted to be able to have the reverse operation defined
as well.  EG:  Running yppasswd (Or whatever the NIS util is called), and
having it update the SMB passwd as well.

I thought that samba could auth against NIS?
Alternately, he could look into how well the pam_ntdom module works (I
think its a part of TNG_2_5).

Whatevr works, I have an interest in too, but not be able to look into it
for a while.

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