Am I missing something?

Phillip C. Roberts proberts at
Thu Jun 22 11:04:46 GMT 2000

Would I have to implement my File and Print Server as a Domain Controller?
Or, can NT group permissions be assigned to files and directories on the
File and Print Server as a member of the domain via TNG?

If TNG is the answer, how stable is it?  Where can I find the best
documentation on it?

Hanks again for the input.  It is greatly appreciated.

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At 12:05 PM 22/06/2000 +1000, Phillip C. Roberts wrote:
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>1. Is there a way to assign permissions to shares created in the smb.conf
>an NT Domain Users Group??

No, not in 2.0.6 or 2.0.7

>Would Samba 2.0.7 or TNG make this implementation easier?

TNG will do it.

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