Two sambas, one machine? How about pid files?

eirvine eirvine at
Thu Jun 22 08:11:14 GMT 2000

Hi all :)
I want to move over to encrypted passwords so I can support
domain logons for NT SP5 machines. While I move over, I
still want to keep my support for the plaintext machines
up and running for a while.

I've had domain logons for Win9x machines with plaintext 
passwords for several years.

I've got a smbpasswd file happening, aliasing on my ethernet
card happening, and two versions of a smb.conf file. Different
interfaces, domains, spool files etc for each.

The idea is that I fire up two versions each of smbd and nmbd, 
right? One is pointed to the first smb.conf file, the other the second.
When I tried this, the second versions of smbd and nmbd
refused to start, because /var/run/ and /var/run/
were already there. I can't find an option to point the pid files
Am I missing something? Or do I have to hack the source and compile a 
second version of samba binaries?
Ta very much

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