Benchmark suite for Linux/Samba?!

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Wed Jun 21 15:01:43 GMT 2000

In some cases you are looking to standardize the share method.  Maybe
you have NT/9x boxes that are using shares on a Linux box and other Unix
boxen that need those shares as well.  If you standardize on NFS then
you need to purchase an NFS client/server for NT or find one that works
that is free (good luck finding a good one there).  If you find you
standardize on SMB and have everything use that, you get the same
affect, except that there is a really good *NIX tool to mount SMB shares
that is already available and known as stable.  So you don't have the
problem of administering two different sharing methods and all the
problems that will entail (ie How well does NFS recognize an SMB lock
and vice versa?).

The benchmarks would let them know how much of a difference there is
between the two.

Chris Tooley

Michael Glauche wrote:
> >
> > Hi Samba-Crew:)
> >
> > a little question from one of my colleagues:
> >
> > > does one of you know a goot benchmark suite for linux?
> > >
> > >
> > > We need tests regarding systemperformance of a samba server.
> > > The customer would like to see results of the musbus/kenbus test. Both
> > are
> > > not available under linux, atleast I was not able to find them.
> I don't really understand that question. Samba is a SMB server, which
> has Windows clients. So, normal windows benchmarks work quite
> good. (like zdnet's netbench)
> But why do you want to benchmark from linux ? do you plan to use smbfs to a
> samba
> server ??? Why don't use nfs/coda then ?
> regards,
>     Michael

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