Benchmark suite for Linux/Samba?!

Michael Glauche mg at
Wed Jun 21 12:31:23 GMT 2000

> Hi Samba-Crew:)
> a little question from one of my colleagues:
> > does one of you know a goot benchmark suite for linux?
> >
> >
> > We need tests regarding systemperformance of a samba server.
> > The customer would like to see results of the musbus/kenbus test. Both
> are
> > not available under linux, atleast I was not able to find them.

I don't really understand that question. Samba is a SMB server, which
has Windows clients. So, normal windows benchmarks work quite
good. (like zdnet's netbench)

But why do you want to benchmark from linux ? do you plan to use smbfs to a
server ??? Why don't use nfs/coda then ?


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