TNG compiles, domain login fails

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Tue Jun 20 21:56:46 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael C Ferguson <mcf at> writes:

    Elrond> Could you retry with latest cvs?
    >>  Domain logins are still broken.

    Michael> ??? I just built the latest CVS, and now domain logins
    Michael> are functioning again (from 98 clients -- I don't have
    Michael> any machines running NT4/5). There is something else
    Michael> wierd I've noticed.

They're not real domain logins.  NT domain logins are still broken.
98 domain logins use SMB calls; NT's ones use DCE/RPC calls.

    Michael> When I view TNG's IPC$ share from a 98 client, often
    Michael> 'root' is displayed instead of the real home for the
    Michael> user. Access to root's home folder is denied. By
    Michael> "refreshing" IPC$, occasionally the proper home share
    Michael> will be displayed (instead of root's). I can still access
    Michael> the normal home folder by typing it in manually or using
    Michael> "net use * /home".

IPC$ is used as a communication channel; it's not a file-serving
share.  I don't know enough SMB to say if what you're seeing is of any


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