samedit -S . -U root% -l log

Magnus Hinzke mhinzke at
Mon Jun 19 13:00:19 GMT 2000


   i compiled the samba-tng-alpha.2.5.3 and i tried to add a user:
   [root at alpha bin]# ./samedit -S . -U root% -l log
   [root at .]$ createuser mhinzke
   createuser mhinzke

   SAM Create Domain User
   Domain: LINUX Name: mhinzke

   But nothing happend I need to press CTRL-C to get back to the shell
   in the log.samr I found n lines of this:
   getsmbfilepwent: no ':' separator found

   Can anyone help me ???

   I tried to set samba-tng with the help of:

      Magnus Hinzke

Linux: weiter machen da wo alles aufhört

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