UID <-> ntuser.dat

Claus Färber list-samba-ntdom at faerber.muc.de
Fri Jun 16 23:04:00 GMT 2000

peter pilsl <pilsl at goldfisch.atat.at> schrieb/wrote:
> samba 2.06a as domainserver for nt4-clients.
> I run into the problem that I unfortunately gave the same uid to a
> machine and a user, so I changed the uid of the user and changed the
> perms of all the user-files to its new uid and also thought of changing
> the uid in the smbpasswd-file.
> when the user logged on again, his profile was readonly (no writing to
> the registry) and windows tried to initialize the account at each logon.
> (welcome to window, ie4-setup etc.)
> I finally had to create a new profile for this user.

NT stores permissions (ACLs) for the user registry in the registry file.  
When you change the user's uid (and thus the NT GUID too), the user does  
no longer have the permission to read/write his/her own registry hive.

You could actually mount the registry file as an administrator and  
change all permissions.



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