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Mike Westkamper mjwestkamper at weiinc.com
Thu Jun 15 00:32:24 GMT 2000


Re: the Unix permissions..
I did the following as root on the Linux box and it now seems to work...

chmod -R /server 377

I hope this is all I need to do as I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to the
Unix/Linux world (My computer experience starts on analog torpedo guidance
systems, IBM mainframes, OS/2, Windows and now Linux.)

I set up the Linux box as the WINS server since I had a bunch of problems an NT
box as the WINS server. Is this not a good thing?

None of the connected systems seem to browse the Linux box. I have '95, '98,
NT4, and NT5(2k) systems connected.

I must be missing something.


Matthew Geddes wrote:

> Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> >
> > Mike Westkamper wrote:
> > >
> > > As long-time lurker here with a couple of successful installs I thought
> > > this one would be a breeze. No so.
> > > I have the RedHat 6.1 distribution set up on an Intel box. SAMBA 2.0.6
> > > is configured as a member of an NT domain. The PDC is a NT 4.0(sp5) box.
> > > I followed the HOWTO on SAMBA.org web site for setting up SAMBA as a
> > > member. From the Linux system it reports that it joined the domain. From
> > > command line on an NT system I can NET USE the share (NET USE K:
> > > \\\public) and read access the files in the share.
> > >
> > > Three problems...
> > >
> > > 1.    The PDC server manager reports "Network path not found" when I
> > > attempt to look at the Linux/SAMBA Server.
> > > 2.    The Linux/SAMBA box does not appear on browse (Network) desktop
> > > folders on any NT boxes
> >
> > Both of these are related to NetBIOS naming problems. Need more info to
> > solve really... Try posting your smb.conf. Broadcast resolution isn't
> > working, but you've got at least some functionality as p-node resolution
> > (used when you type "net use") is OK.
> Your Samba server has the 'wins support=yes' line, are the Windows
> clients looking to the samba machine as the WINS server?
> If so, try a test machine with static LMHOSTS entries.
> >
> > > 3.    I cannot seem to write onto the shared drive.
> >
> > Check that the share is set to read/write in smb.conf. Then check that
> > the Windows user attached to the share maps to a Unix user with
> > permissions to write files in that directory. Samba doesn't override
> > underlying filesystem permissions....
> After seeing the smb.conf, I too think it might be Unix permissions.
> Hope it helps,
> Matt

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