Hooking up

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at xavier.sa.edu.au
Thu Jun 15 00:58:59 GMT 2000

Mike Westkamper wrote:
> Matthew:
> Re: the Unix permissions..
> I did the following as root on the Linux box and it now seems to work...
> chmod -R /server 377

try chmod -R 775 /server

This will give the owner and the owner group rw and x, whereas everyone
else will be rw only. Make sure the people who want write access are in
the group that owns that directory.

> I hope this is all I need to do as I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to the
> Unix/Linux world (My computer experience starts on analog torpedo guidance
> systems, IBM mainframes, OS/2, Windows and now Linux.)

I want to play with IBM mainframes. I think it would be good for a
laugh. Unix really is very nice though.

> I set up the Linux box as the WINS server since I had a bunch of problems an NT
> box as the WINS server. Is this not a good thing?

No, linux running as the WINS server is OK. Apparently, having linux
look to an NT WINS server tends to flood it with requests, so it will
probably help to have the linux box running WINS.

You do need to tell all of the workstations that the linux box is the
WINS server (network control panel).

> None of the connected systems seem to browse the Linux box. I have '95, '98,
> NT4, and NT5(2k) systems connected.

They should when WINS is working properly. I can't see your message from
here, but make sure you have all of the

local master
domain master
preferred master

options set to yes in smb.conf, as well as the os level=65 line

> I must be missing something.
> Mike

Hope it helps,

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